Reading Program


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Syllables + Dots = Sylladot

How does Sylladot work? An example is the best way to show you how Sylladot can simplify multisyllabic words.

Step 1: Syllables

Our hyphens simplify multisyllabic words by breaking them into syllables. Students can focus on just a few letters at a time, instead of the whole word. These words no longer look scary. With practice, students will learn how to chunk words into syllables by recognizing basic patterns. This same concept can be seen with phone numbers.

Step 2: Dots

We add dots above the sounded vowels of multisyllabic words. Vowels can be tricky for students. Some vowels are long, while others are short; some are even silent. Sometimes multiple vowels make one sound. Our dots help by pointing out the vowel sounds that you hear. Students no longer need to guess.

Transfers to Non-Sylladot Materials

Our hyphens and dots are tools used to simply the reading process; they are not a crutch. After completing one of our reading workbooks, your child will be able to read any other material of the same grade level with ease.

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