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Author of Sylladot Reading Program

M.A. Reading

M.A. Special Education

Teacher (35 years)

Owner of LTR Reading Clinic (42 years)

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Level K Giveaway

Everyday, we will be giving away one Level K workbook for FREE. This workbook will be available at 12 noon EST. Get yours before it's gone.

Sylladot Bundle

Save $100 by ordering our Bundle. It includes the entire Sylladot Reading Program (Levels K-5).


Sillydot children's books will be a fun way to complement our reading workbooks. Our goal is to create a seamless transition between learning how to read and enjoying reading. We are planning to publish the first book before the GHC convention in Missouri (March 24).


Carla Cox

M.A. Reading

M.A. Special Education

Teacher (35 years)

Owner of LTR Reading Clinic

Think of me as a FREE resource that comes with every copy of our Sylladot workbooks. Contact me with any questions about anything related to reading (does not have to be about Sylladot).

Contact me here.

Our hyphens simplify multisyllabic words by breaking them into syllables. Students can focus on just a few letters at a time instead of the whole word. These words no longer look scary. Over time, students will learn how to chunk words into syllables by learning and recognizing these patterns. We use this same concept with phone numbers.

We add dots above the sounded vowels. Vowels can be tricky for students. Some vowels are long while others are short. Some are silent. Sometimes multiple vowels make one sound. Our dots help by pointing out the vowel sounds that you hear. Students no longer have to guess.

Our hyphens and dots are not a crutch but rather a tool to simplify multisyllabic words. Once students understand how to decode these words, they will no longer need these tools.

The slideshow at the top of the page helps visualize this process. You can also take a look at the sample pages of later levels to see how our dots and hyphens are integrated into our workbooks.

Sylladot workbooks: Our workbooks progress from Level K through Level 5. They can be used as a complete reading program or as a supplement for other materials.

Sillydot children's books: Coming in 2022. Our children's books will be a fun way for students to utilize and practice what they learned in their workbooks. The same concepts that are used throughout our workbooks will be found in these children's books. They will be appropriate for their intended grade level. Kindergarteners will not be expected to read a word such as "pterodactyl". When students can't decode words for themselves, they resort to memorizing.

Everything we do is designed to be simple yet effective.

Table of Contents (Manual): Each of our workbooks includes a complete schedule broken up day by day. Each day shows the student page numbers you will be working on along with the corresponding manual page numbers.

Instructions (Manual): Each lesson is completely scripted. These instructions are short enough to fit on a single page. If you can read, you can teach Sylladot.

Answer Keys (Manual): Answer keys are available for lessons when necessary.

Student Pages: Each lesson uses strategies that I have found to be very effective in my 42 years of experience. Our lessons can be completed in 15-20 minutes. These pages focus on quality over quantity. For quick reference, each lesson indicates the day number, manual page number, and answer key page number.

We simultaneously use auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learning techniques throughout every lesson. This combination promotes long term learning and recall.

Sylladot does NOT use flash cards, sight word lists, or non-phonetic readers. These type of techniques promote memorizing, not learning.

Sylladot is designed to work for all students. Our multisensory approach helps children with learning disabilities such as autism and dyslexia.

It takes about 100 days to complete each level. You can easily complete 2 or 3 levels in a year. Acceleration should be used to catch up rather than to get ahead.

Example: A 10 year old student that does not know basic reading concepts such as letters and sounds could be reading at a 5th grade level in 2 years.

March 24: Missouri (GHC)

April 21: Ohio (GHC)

June 9: Virginia (HEAV)

July 7: Texas (GHC)

Free Level K workbooks will be available to families interested in trying Sylladot.

It is our goal to create the best possible reading program for our students. We are really proud of Sylladot, but it can always be better. Any feedback (good or bad) that you can share helps us reach this goal.

Share your feedback here.


Sylladot progresses from Level K - Level 5.

1. Completely scripted manual

2. Consumable student workbook

3. Full email support

Paper: Pages found in your workbook and manual are high quality. Writing will not bleed through to the other side; erasing will not cause tearing.

Color: Both workbook and manual are in full color.

Binding: Coil binding allows your workbook to lay flat while working.

For the best results, we recommend that students start with Level K and progress through each Level of Sylladot. Level K provides a strong reading foundation which all future levels build upon. Any confusion here will definitely affect reading fluency. If a student doesn't understand letters and sounds, how are they supposed to read?

If you feel that your student is proficient at their current level, there is no need to start at the beginning. You can start Sylladot at the appropriate level for your student.

Please contact me if you are unsure which workbook you should order.

The first half of Level K focuses on Pre K concepts such as letter recognition, letter formation, and sounds. When your child is ready for Kindergarten, you can continue the Level K workbook from where you left off.

Lessons: 15-20 minutes

Workbooks: about 100 days

We give away 1 free Level K workbook everyday at 12 noon EST. Get yours before it's gone.

Why are we giving away our Level K for free? We want to take the risk out of trying Sylladot. This way, you have an entire year to decide if it is the right reading program for you and your student.

This bundle is the best bang for your buck. With normal pricing, the complete Sylladot Reading Program is $300. You will save $100 by ordering our bundle. Essentially, you will receive 2 levels for free.

Every workbook that you will need to complete Sylladot (Level K - Level 5) is included in our bundle. When you order, you will receive all of the workbooks that we have completed up to that point. As we publish the remaining levels, those will be sent to you as well.

Now: Levels K - 3

January 2022: Level 4

Mid 2022: Level 5

It is our top priority to have the levels available before students need them. We will continue to post updates on our workbook progress here on the website.

You can find the manual in the front of each workbook. All of its pages are perforated and hole-punched. Simply tear it out and place it in a 3-ring binder. The remaining pages in the workbook are for the student.

Manuals for each level are available to download. Use these files to replace damaged pages in your manual or to learn more about Sylladot and what we have to offer. Select the desired manual below.

Level K Manual

Level 1 Manual

Level 2 Manual

Level 3 Manual

Level 4 Manual

FREE shipping on all orders.

All orders will be shipped using USPS.


We would love to hear your thoughts on Sylladot.

How are we doing?


You can receive a free Level K workbook from the Giveaway here on our webiste or at a convention we attend.


March 24: Missouri (GHC)

April 21: Ohio (GHC)

June 9: Virginia (HEAV)

July 7: Texas (GHC)