Our Hyphens

Our hyphens simplify multisyllabic words by breaking them into syllables.  Students can focus on just few letters at a time instead of the whole word.  These words no longer look scary.  Over time, students will learn how to chunk words into syllables by learning and recognizing these patterns.

This same concept can be seen with phone numbers.  We separate them with parentheses and hyphens.  It helps us easily see the different meaningful segments.


Our Dots

We add dots above the sounded vowels.  Vowels can be tricky for students.  Some vowels are long while others are short.  Some are silent.  Sometimes multiple vowels make 1 sound.  Our dots help by pointing out the vowel sounds that you hear.  Students no longer have to guess.

Syllable + Dot = Sylladot


Effective Lessons

Every lesson uses techniques that work.  You will NOT find methods that rely on memorization such as flash cards, word walls, or copying spelling lists.



We simultaneously use auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learning techniques throughout every lesson.  This combination promotes long term learning and recall.


Learning Disability?

Sylladot is designed to work for all students.  Our multisensory approach helps children with learning disabilities such as autism and dyslexia.