1. Is Sylladot a complete reading program?

You can choose to use Sylladot as a complete reading program or as a supplement for other materials.  


2. How much time is required for each lesson?

Each lesson only takes between 15 - 20 minutes to complete.  It may be quicker as you become more familiar with the instructions.


3. When are your dots introduced?

Dots are used to simplify multisyllabic words.  Because of this, they are introduced in Level 1.  They will become much more frequent as you progress through the later levels.


4. Will the dots cause confusion when reading materials without dots?

Our dots are just a tool to teach syllables.  All the knowledge that they gained about decoding words will transfer to materials without dots.  Once syllables are understood, the dots are no longer needed.


5. Why are you offering Level K for free?

It is not always readily apparent if you will like a curriculum at first glance.  To make this choice less risky for you, we offer the first workbook in our series for free.  If you like it, you can choose to progress through the rest of the program.


6. What level should I start with?

Our levels are not based on the child's age, but rather which reading concepts they have mastered.  A student who struggles may need to go back to an earlier level to fill in gaps that are missing.  For example, any confusion with letters or sounds will severely impact future reading progress.  Feel free to contact me if you are unsure which level would be best.


7. Can I accelerate my child's progress?

We strongly recommend that you do not progress through a workbook faster than what is shown in the schedule.  However, each workbook takes about 100 days to complete.  It is possible to complete 3 levels in a given year if you are consistent.  At this rate, a student could progress from not knowing letters to reading at a 5th grade level in 2 years.


8. What type of customer support do you offer?

Customers can contact me anytime about reading questions/concerns.  They do not have to be limited to Sylladot; they can be anything related to reading.  I will do my best to provide solutions for these issues within a few hours.